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The Evolution of Healthcare | Dr. Venu and Vinay Julapalli

Health[care] 3.0 is unique, that’s the key word. And by ‘unique’, I don’t mean separate…The difference between uniqueness and separateness is, separateness doesn’t fit itself into a puzzle, it doesn’t fit in itself into the whole. Uniqueness consciously knows that we are all interconnected. [We’re] all part of this wonderful, beautiful whole, and the way I actually make that whole come alive and evolve is to celebrate my uniqueness.


This week, we are excited to present two brothers, Dr. Venu Julapalli, MD, and Dr. Vinay Julapalli, MD. Dr. Venu Julapalli is a gastroenterologist in private practice. Dr. Vinay Julapalli is an Interventional Cardiologist and has started his own micro-practice. Together, they are the creators of healthcare 3.0, the next step in the evolution of healthcare and medicine.

As we dive into this conversation, we will discuss the three “tiers” that medicine has gone through, and how modern physicians have implemented each tier throughout their training and practice.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode with our guests, and don’t forget to check out their website to learn more about our guests and what they do.


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Sample of the conversation:

What is Health 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0?

Vinay: 1.0 had the heart…sometimes if you couldn’t pay as a patient you’d give him a chicken or some eggs or whatever way you could and make up the value that he was providing you. That was pure heart, heartful medicine. 2.0 brought in the brain you know the organization, the business aspects, the need to make this financially solvent; trying to make sure that care doesn’t destroy the system of a nation… 3.0 integrates the heart and the brain again you got to have both, not a good or bad thing.

Venu: …I like to say that Health 3.0 is evidence-informed not evidence enslaved. So, 1.0 was evidence ignorant, so medicine is being practiced anecdotally, and evidence-based is the epitome of Health 2.0. In 3.0 it’s evidence-informed, but we’re not evidence enslaved,…

Developing healthcare 3.0 and overcoming burnout

Venu: It’s all about love and Humanity. I mean that’s the driving currency of everything that we talked about…Don’t ever lose your humanity, while the center of gravity pulls you back and you feel like your going underwater, just connect…Connect with your patient, connect with yourself, connect with your family. Connect with what it is to be a human being, to be alive, because that aliveness is what makes you who you uniquely are. And if you don’t have that aliveness, if you’re not alive, if you’re not crackling with the eros of aliveness, that will translate to burn out…that ultimately that’s what burnout is about to me…

What is anti-fragility? Developing an anti-fragile system

To have anti-fragility in the Healthcare System, I think, is crucial. And I think, unfortunately, what we’re building thus far is a healthcare system that is not anti-fragile but fragile. That’s kind of at the macro-level, and even at the micro-level. Like for me in what I’m doing, I am building my own individual practice to be more anti-fragile, so that whatever happens by law or policy or in the healthcare system, it doesn’t matter, ultimately, because I’m able to adapt, which is what an anti-fragile system is able to do (please learn more about this concept on their website)

For more of the conversation, listen to the audio!

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