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Inspirational Life Coach and Weight Loss Professional Charles D’Angelo

Charles D’Angelo is a weight-loss expert and life coach that has worked with countless clients including physicians. He has written books such as Think and Grow Thin and is about to release his new book Inner Guru. His books explain how to develop and achieve the proper mindset that is essential to tackling weight lossThis is a man who transformed his own life going from wearing a size-50 pant size, to being incredibly fit. Individuals like broadcaster Larry King and Dr. Mark Hyman have recommended his latest book Inner Guru, and even motivational rock star Tony Robbins commented on Charles and his passion in serving others.

Some of my favorite points to take away from this conversation and what everyone should reflect on include:

  1. Make your goal bigger than just you
  2. Find out your why
  3. Honor yourself first
  4. Understand what influences you most
  5. Recognize what recharges you
  6. And much more…

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Check out his books:  Think and Grow Thin  and Inner Guru

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