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“The Voice of Fulfilled Physicians”

If you are an avid listener of our podcast, our tagline has always been: “The Voice of Fulfilled Physicians.” It’s time for us to focus even more on the importance of voice.

As society evolves and moves to the next phase, so does The Happy Doc. We understand that building a successful and happy life is a constant process and we must adapt and learn with the times. We are dedicating our energy to creating a future into voice-based applications.

The first project we have launched is currently open to use and will continue to grow. Please enjoy our top quotes from our podcast episodes. Click the link below  to enable the application on your Alexa device:

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 5 Reason to be a part of VOICE

1. 40 million Americans have purchased voice devices in the past year
2. The field is growing and is being actively implemented in vehicles, home devices, and in your pocket (with smartphone technology).
3. In application purchasing and subscription allows users to support valuable content and provide incentives for developers to create content that can help users
4. Voice applications can provide a frictionless experience which eliminates frustrating tasks that take valuable time.
5. The field is still up and coming and the time is now to build and use content in VOICE.
Want to learn more? We will be speaking more about voice applications on our podcast and explaining how this can be extremely useful for patients, physicians, and beyond. Please listen in and learn how you can be a part of the rising Voice community!