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Top Podcasts for Medical Students in 2018

by Neel Desai, M.D.

Something struck me while listening to Taylor interview our latest podcast guest, Peter Rezkalla, a 3rd year medical student. Peter was asked the question why there weren’t quick audio clips/summaries of research studies to help medical students get an idea of the latest medical research studies in different fields.

And it struck me. As a family physician, I listen to the American Family Physician podcast (AFP Podcast) – which does exactly this and keeps me updated on the latest relevant family medicine topics for my practice and on my own time. So this got me thinking. If this is working for me, there must be more for other specialties. So I went through the most popular podcasts in Apple’s top 200 podcasts in Science & Medicine.

And I actually found popular podcasts for medical students for their core medical rotations in their 3rd and 4th clinical years, as well some relatively new ones I thought might be helpful. I made a list and categorized them for medical students on different rotations and at different stages of their medical education.

I would love to hear from medical students reading this. Do you find these podcasts useful? Have I left a podcast off that you think needs to be included? What did you like about the podcasts? What didn’t you like? What would you like to see more of? Less of? We would love to hear what medical students think so we can incorporate it into developing The Happy Doc. Email us, tag us and let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thanks!


Peds Pediatrics for Medical Students

Internal Medicine

New England Journal of Medicine Interviews

Annals of Internal Medicine Podcast

JAMA Editor’s Summary on Reseach in Medicine-Science

Up To Date Podcast

JAMA Clinical Reviews About Ideas & Innovations

NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) This Week Audio Summaries

Internal Medicine Medical Education Core IM/Internal Medicine

The Curbsider’s Internal Medicine Podcast

Family Medicine

AFP American Family Physician Podcast

Obstetrics & Gynecology

The OBGYN Podcast

General Surgery

Behind The Knife Surgery Podcast


American Journal of Psychiatry Audio

Emergency Medicine

Annals of Emergency Medicine Summary Audio

FOAMcast- Emergency Medicine Core Content

EM Clerkship – Emergency Medicine For Students


Emergency Medicine Cases

Critical Care/Intensive Care Medicine

ICU Rounds

Boards Studying

Inside The Boards for the USMLE/COMLEX & Medical School

Medical Career Guidance

Choosing a Medical Specialty as a Medical Student


Neel Desai is a family physician, active contributor to The Happy Doc, lifelong medical student, and still knows what he doesn’t know. Follow him @drneel1973 on Twitter.