Sarah Mongiello Bernstein, M.D.

August 26 2017

by Neel Desai, M.D. 

Dr. Sarah Mongiello Bernstein is a pediatrics resident at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a graduate of Emory University School of Medicine. She graduated with a B.S. and Masters in Health Administration (M.H.A.) from Cornell University and has worked as a healthcare consultant in the population management division.

Dr. Bernstein is passionate about global health and enjoys working with high acuity patients in resource-limited settings. At Cornell, Dr. Bernstein served on the Public Service Center’s Leadership Council and as founder and president of Cover Africa–an organization dedicated to eradicating malaria in Humjibre, Ghana. Today, Cover Africa has over 800 members and has donated over $100,000 to the fight against malaria.

Throughout medical school, Dr. Bernstein has sustained a passion for global health – serving as Vice-President of Public Relations for Emory Health Against Human Trafficking (EHAHT) and a researcher with Operation Smile in Guwahati, India–where she helped to develop and validate a new tool that would allow physicians to objectively assess the severity of pre-surgical cleft lips and palates internationally.

Long term, Sarah hopes to combine her passion for global health with the skills she has developed as a patient, consultant and clinician to improve patient access and eliminate costly inefficiencies in healthcare systems worldwide.

Dr. Bernstein also blogs with the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges)  at the website Aspiring Doc Diaries. Her poignant blog posts have been featured on  the popular physician social media site KevinMD. She is also an active #Tweetiatrician on Twitter and uses social media to promote various health topics she is passionate about.

Dr. Sarah Bernstein’s lifelong dedication to improving global health, medical education, and pediatrics has earned her our recognition as Medical Influencer of the Week.

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