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Dana Corriel, M.D.

April 21 2018
by Neel Desai, M.D.

Dr. Dana Corriel is a Board Certified Internist running a primary care practice in Pearl River, New York (U.S.A). She also serves as Director of Quality for Rockland County’s Highland Medical, PC. She has been recognized as a Top Doctor in Internal Medicine in 201 Family Magazine.

In addition to being a mother to three boys, she sees patients in her office 4 days a week and enjoys her practice. Her first son was born during her residency, and after having 2 more sons, she took time off to bond with her children. It was during this time that she discovered a passion for her creative talents. She explored multiple creative outlets. Writing, iPhone photography, decorating, and a love for vintage were just a few examples of her new discovered interests. She decided she wanted to share her creative passions with the world so she channeled this into the social media sphere and a blog.

This led to Dr. Corriel building a social media following and online community for both patients and physicians. It allowed her to evolve into becoming a social media advocate, as well as developing a virtual space to share creative ideas. Her motivation was simple. As Dr. Coriel recounts:

“Motivation: my own interest in so many creative outlets, and arenas, and my inability to find a place that fit them all. Also, my being told ‘no’, over and over again. At some point, you get tired of being rejected, and not knowing where to publish, especially when you believe in it. I wanted to build a space where all physicians who wanted a place for their work were told  ‘yes’ – a space where everything we do is centralized – topics in healthcare or outside of it.”

She believes there are so many physicians with talents, but not all of them a have a platform to share those talents, and she wants to keep it open and accessible to anyone interested in having a voice in the the healthcare community:

“There are so many physicians out there with talents. Why not have one place that features it all? Enter my platform –, a website to connect all voices outside of the exam room. Because in today’s world of social media, it’s about connectivity. We need it in medicine. We all have powerful voices, and each of them is unique. We just don’t yet have a place to unify those voices.

There are still fragmented groups in existence,  that represent all that we do outside of medicine, and I would love to offer a place where our work comes together. The forum is open to any reader – doctor or patient. But also to entrepreneurs looking to network with us – like journalists, publishers, and investors – and even enjoy simply perusing through creative work we can create. It is meant to inspire, to innovate, and spread ideas that we may not necessarily know where to vocalize. “

In addition to her website, Dr. Corriel is also currently working on a book compilation, with a number of other female physicians, titled As I Picked Up My Stethoscope. The project hopes to create a book of positive stories from medicine, in the hopes that they will inspire the younger generation to pursue a career in medicine.

Dr. Dana Corriel has definitely found her creative space in medicine and social media. She is using her skills to connect with the medical and general public. It is clearly making an impact on her space of medicine. It is our distinct pleasure to recognize Dr. Dana Corriel as our Medical Influencer of the Week.

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