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The Happy Doc Mission: Heal one doctor and you heal thousands

Heal one doctor and you heal thousands

The Happy Doc is about bringing joy to the work that you do. It’s about understanding how to work on personal and systemic levels to make lasting change in the lives of healing professionals. While the focus has been mainly on physicians, the principles we learn in our podcast, blog posts, reading materials, and group sessions, apply to nearly all professionals.

Speaking to many physicians in candid conversation has shown us that there is a clear problem: doctors are disconnected, unfulfilled, and uninspired. As we have discussed time and time again, when our systems are running in “survival mode,” we often ignore the clear signals that something is wrong.


We need to find a way to recharge, regroup, reflect, and tackle life a little bit differently.

Welcome to the digital space where we hope to achieve just that.

The Happy Doc is your digital center to recenter.


We know healing others can be quite a challenge, this is a place to heal yourself. The Happy Doc is a service that addresses physician dissatisfaction by reconnecting students and physicians to a love of medicine in a simple, personalized, and practical way.

We understand that by helping a doctor, we are helping thousands of patients. We understand that by having important discussions backed by digital platform, we can create change, not just on an individual level, but on global scales.

We know it’s a bit cheesy, but our true mission is to heal the world.



Core Tenets

Our team came together to develop the core tenets you see below. When we create a piece of content or engage with any of our listeners, our goals are to utilize these tenets as a way to guide how we operate and build our future.


Finding joy in others’ happiness


Creating online and local networks with our healing community. Making strong connections allows a wide array of new thought, possibilities, and action to take place.


Our atmosphere is not competitive, it’s collaborative. We ask, how we can utilize our strengths, passion, and skillset to create a greater whole.


We want to empathize with each other, but even deeper, we want to utilize our knowledge to enlighten and aid those we connect with.


We don’t just say we will do something, we do it. By making a commitment we follow-through with our actions.


Thinking outside of the box and looking at a problem from multiple perspectives, is the way to finding new solutions never thought of before. Whether it’s a conversation, a piece of content, or a blog post, the right hemisphere of our brains will be put to good use.


Sometimes we are doing well, other times we are not. Our space is one where we can be ourselves, regardless if it’s good, bad or anything in between.


When we can admit we are not perfect, that we make mistakes, and that there are endless possibilities to learn and grow, we find opportunity. We know we are not perfect and we never will be, we just hope to keep growing.


Healing isn’t a one-size fit’s  job. Context will impact the way our work is both generated and received. Our goal is to provide increasingly more personalized content as we develop.


Medicine is hierarchical. We know that wisdom and truth can come from any level of the medical system. Our goal is to break down hierarchical structures of thinking that stop us from learning and engaging at all levels of training.

Inside Out

We know that healing comes from the inside out. When an individual gains a new set of insight, and tools, it can alter one’s mindset, and ultimately behaviors, thoughts, and actions. Our goal is to aid in having a deep impact on individuals so that they can operate in the world more effectively


Creating ongoing content with doctors who are practicing medicine lets us know the present. We want to take it a step further and ask how do we make things better? We want to be part of the evolution of medicine, promoting those who are making change now; take a look at our medical influencers section.


This path isn’t easy, but we sure won’t let you crash. We have support groups, mentorship opportunities, and ways to connect. So don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here for you. Seriously, we’ll talk.