Making a Big Impact – Dr. David Draghinas from the Doctors Unbound Podcast

So if I can impress upon you one thing it’s to take action, even if it’s a small step. Get a small win and take action towards something… What I would like to encourage physicians to do is to think about creating an impact on a greater scale

Dr. David Draghinas is a full time practicing anesthesiologist in private practice with Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants in the Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas) metropolitan area. Prior to his current position, he was a Navy physician and enjoyed taking care of military families.
Over the last few years, Dr. Draghinas has found a way to leverage digital communication platforms to educate patients and his colleagues, as well as learn from them. Several years ago Dr. Draghinas noticed some of his patients were showing up on the day of surgery and were extremely anxious about anesthesia. Often times they were Googling anesthesia topics and getting poor information. In response to this Dr. Draghinas and his colleagues created a website to help correct anesthesia myths and give their patients accurate information. It is geared towards laypeople and it helps people to understand anesthesia-related topics in simple language. In further developing the website,  Dr. Draghinas recruited another physician partner and the site will soon have videos featuring experts discussing various anesthesia topics.
Dr. Draghinas also had the idea of creating a podcast for several years, but never got the time to start it. He finally launched his podcast Doctors UnboundHe wanted to spotlight different physicians who were successful in fields other than medicine in order to help fellow physicians achieve what Dr. Draghinas termed “next level success”. Dr. Draghinas believes the best way to achieve next level success is to learn from physician peers who are experts in different fields. Examples of these fields include, but are not limited to: blogging, investing, and health care policy.
As Dr. Draghinas explains, Doctors Unbound was started with the following goals of:
“1. Promoting a positive image for the physician community
2. Learning from physician experts to hack the learning curve for myself & other doctors with similar interests
3. Networking with innovative physicians 
4. Have a creative outlet for interests (podcasting) outside clinical medicine
5. Leave a legacy (podcast audio) for my small children (just in case). I am blessed to be healthy, but tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.”
Dr. Draghinas is clearly making an impact on his field of anesthesiology using modern day communication technology platforms. He is now connecting with a greater network of amazing colleagues, patients, and community on a personal and digital level
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Quick Notes from the conversation:

Why medicine: Dr. David was inspired by a physician mentor he had while conducting research in a lab. The doctor mentioned that as a physician you can help people and have an impact in their lives and that there is a specialty fit for everyone.

A tip for the listeners  Take action. Take the first step towards building something you’ve always wanted to try. Dr. Dave finally built a podcast after contemplating it for years, he loves it.

What The Happy Doc loved from the convo: Doctor Dave talks about asking yourself how you can make an impact in your life. What is a step you can take today to make an impact in your life, in your family’s life, or in your community? Get out there and take the first step.

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