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Docs Outside The Box

Being a Doc Outside Of The Box | Podcaster And Trauma Surgeon Dr. Nii Darko

Docs Outside the Box podcast brings stories of ordinary doctors doing extraordinary things to inspire other docs to think outside the box. My guests are living proof that doctors can break free from the exam room.

It’s time to learn from the Docs Outside The Box creator, Dr. Nii Darko! Dr. Darko is a Trauma surgeon and fellow podcaster on the Docs Outside The Box podcast.
Our interview is packed with great information, motivation, and you will leave this interview wanting to create something of your own. He discusses topics in his podcast that include politics, finances, building a business, and more.
In this conversation we discuss:
1. Why Nii started Trauma Surgery
2. How he and his wife eliminated 662,000 dollars of debt in three years
3. How podcasting has created fulfillment in his life.
4. And much more!

A Tip From Dr. Nii: “Just Start”

Just start, just do it. It doesn’t matter if you are perfect. Just start. I was so concerned. I thought people would laugh at me, but the rewards of starting, the rewards of creating something… I feel so fulfilled right now.

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