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Designing your Lifestyle with Locums | Dr. Diane Evans (OB/GYN)

“I’ve had the ability to practice at about thirty hospitals and it’s amazing to have all of these different things you can learn just by being part-time; going places, meeting new physicians and nurses… learning so much from all of these professional people in different areas of the country”


Hey there Happy Doc family! We are very lucky to present to you this week’s guest, Dr. Diane Evans, DO.  As an OB/GYN physician, she works with CompHealth (Locum Tenens Company), and has a company: Passing your OBGYN Boards which works with OB/GYN specialists on their oral boards studying. Utilizing Locum Tenens, Dr Evans has the freedom to be a part-time physician at small clinics and hospitals around the country allowing her to, further gain exposure in a variety of hospital cultures, and hone her procedural skills . Enjoy this week’s episode!


Dr. Evans originally was molecular biologist who turned to the D.O. track at the University of Health Sciences in Kansas City, MO. Prior to her decision in her specialty as an OB/GYN, she had her sights set on Internal Medicine. However, in her third year of medical school during her OB/GYN rotation, she realized that this field was the right choice for her.

As she progressed in the field of medicine, she became enthralled with the idea of helping small communities and yet still leave a big impact. Thus, she turned to CompHealth, a Locum Tenens Company. She realized that she can enhance her surgical skills by practicing in different facilities and find positions with various interims, ranging from a couple weeks to a full year as a locum physician.

On the other hand, Dr. Evans has an adrenaline rush to her persona. As an owner of 1988 and 1975 Corvettes, she spends some of her free time as a certified low-speed racer.


Locum’s Challenge: If you had the opportunity to redesign your work schedule, what would it look like and where would you be?  Let us know on twitter @thehappydoc1. We would love to hear your thoughts.


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