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Top Podcasts for Medical Students in 2018

by Neel Desai, M.D. Something struck me while listening to Taylor interview our latest podcast guest, Peter Rezkalla, a 3rd year medical student. Peter was asked the question why there weren’t quick audio clips/summaries of research studies to help medical…

Curbside With Dr. D: Finding Your Person

Curbside with Dr. D: Finding Your Person

December 16 2017 by Neel Desai, M.D. "True tragic. The proper composition of your support team is not “colleagues and family." It is “friends, colleagues and family.”  Honest friendships can save your life and isolation can snatch it away."  …

How Do I Help Someone Make Change?

How Do I Help Someone Make Change?

November 21 2017 by Neel Desai, M.D.    It’s been almost a year since we launched The Happy Doc, and something keeps coming up in the back of my mind. It involves how I interact with colleagues, patients, friends, family,…

Are You A Human, An Animal Or A Robot?

Are you a human, an animal or a robot?

I was inspired a couple of weeks ago. Sitting at the WeWork facility in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. I looked at the group of entrepreneurs, creatives and innovative thinkers sitting in front of me. What were we doing you might ask?…

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